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Why you should listen to T. Harv Eker (1:26)

Who is T. Harv Eker (2:21)

The 500 Million Dollar Secret (8:39)

80-80-80-80 Rule (10:40)

How to 10X your sales and 10x your income (17:28)

Why most businesses stay away from what’s going to make them the most money and how you can change that (28:25)

How to eliminate any non-supportive beliefs, doubts or fears around selling 42:47

The Wealthy Marketer: “Marketing Secrets That Will Make You Rich” (49:04)

When you register today you'll get access to...

  • 6 step-by-step, in depth modules, over 7 hours of pure wealth producing content that will have you giddy with excitement because you can taste your future success... and it's all personally taught by T. Harv Eker

  • A special bonus recording on “How To Double Your Profits In 5 Minutes” taught by T. Harv Eker

  • Harv's multi-million dollar templates that are identical to what he uses in ALL his businesses to date.

  • A professionally designed Wealthy Marketer workbook in printable PDF format for jotting down all key points, biggest learnings and powerful writing exercises.

When you enroll in The Wealthy Marketer, you'll learn how to:

  • Define your message to attract the best buyers

  • Determine your target markets and discover lucrative specialty markets

  • Write magnetic copy for your ads, your sales letters, your emails, your website copy, and even your brochures if you use them

  • Add upsells, downsells, and cross-sells to instantly increase your profits and bottom line

  • Bundle your services or programs and how to structure your backend offers so you are maximizing your revenue

  • Create an irresistible tagline and unique selling proposition or hook to give your market clarity on what you do and why you're the one to help them

  • Articulate your heart story so you can emotionally connect with your market and make them fall in love with you

  • Create irresistible offers to make sales effortless while building extreme goodwill with your customers

  • Develop the ultimate sales funnel to create real wealth and financial success

  • Spend the same amount of money yet massively increase profits

  • Set up joint ventures and endorsed mailers to get 10X the exposure and 10X the sales

  • Use a continuity program to build a baseline with recurring income for your business

  • Setup the simplest but the most effective referral program

  • Create a frequent buyer incentive program that keeps your customers coming back again and again and again

  • And much, MUCH more...

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100% Money Back Guarantee

The Wealthy Marketer has a 30-day, super easy money back guarantee.

Listen to the program, experience it, go through the whole thing, and if you aren't completely blown away with what you learn, we will refund you every penny, no questions asked.

We've had tens of thousands of people learn this information in a live seminar setting, paying 10 to 20 times what you're going to pay and we've NEVER had a single person ask for their money back

We just want you to feel comfortable and totally confident about this program because we know that when you listen to it and start using it, you'll be more than ecstatic!

Here's What Some Of Our Students Are Saying About The Wealthy Marketer:

“It's worth 10 times its value!”

“I just cannot see how a company can work without this knowledge. It's worth 10 times its value!”

– Andreas Salas

“Quadruple my income within the next 3 months”

“The Wealthy Marketer helped me develop a comprehensive marketing template for my business and all I have to do now is pull the trigger. So based on the strategies and tactics I now have an action plan to at least quadruple my income within the next 3 months. Thanks Harv for another slam dunk.”

– Roberto Gonzalez

“I have a complete marketing program”

“Before the program I was very frustrated with my marketing efforts. Now, after completing The Wealthy Marketer, I have a complete marketing program and I am looking forward to implementing every single bit of it.”

– Laura Sherlock

“A millionaire marketing mind and marketing plan for my company.”

“I've been in business for twenty years and I never wanted to know anything about marketing; I had no marketing plan. Now, after this course, I feel like I now have a marketing mind and a marketing plan for my company. This was one awesome program. Thank you!”

– Gary Gordon

“A seven course dinner that is juicy, full of meat and nutritiously well-balanced.”

“This program is just like being very, very, very hungry and being offered a seven course dinner that is juicy, full of meat and nutritiously well-balanced. Now I am feeling very full but it will take me a while to digest all this food.”

– Sylvie Dubois

Still Have Questions?

See below For Answers To Our Most Common Questions

A: Some of you might think that you can just hire marketing consultants and ad agencies to try and do this for you and many business people do go that route, but here's why that decision should be made AFTER you learn everything inside The Wealthy Marketer...

First, it will cost you a fortune to get started with a good agency and second, what makes you think these companies know what they're doing? Do they really know and understand your specific business? In our experience... they don't.

And if you go through the whole process of taking the time to teach them and get them to understand your business plus pay them, what happens if they're not getting good results, then what do you do? Well you're stuck because now they're gone. You've wasted a ton of money and you still don't fully understand marketing yourself.

So The Wealthy Marketer will give you the pure essentials to get rich in your business. If you know this you can then communicate it with anyone especially an agency. This will reduce your risk, save you a lot more money and 10X your results.

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A: If you don't like to sell this program was meant for you. As you learned on The 500 Million Dollar Secret, you aren't selling, you're helping; and the goal is to find something that resonates with you when you are marketing. In The Wealthy Marketer, this is what we will work on with you.

We'll clear any non-supportive beliefs you have around selling and marketing. We'll also help you create a message that attracts your target market and people who want to buy from you so you'll never feel like you are selling anything...only providing pure value.

In addition, we'll help you find a medium that you can use to launch your message that makes you feel comfortable and resonates with you. This is just the tip of the iceberg for what we will work on with you when you enroll in The Wealthy Marketer. In all, you will feel completely comfortable with your marketing efforts. This will be fun and enjoyable for you...not intimidating. We promise!

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A: Anytime you want! The Wealthy Marketer is a video training program that's delivered on demand. Access the video lessons and other resources with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop – whichever you prefer. You'll get access as soon as your registration is complete. Start the process now...

A: T. Harv Eker has put virtually everything and every secret he knows about money making marketing into one place. This comes from over 30 years of experience and revenues of over 500 million dollars. There are not many teachers that have this type of real world experience. Best of all this is taught in a way that is simple, usable and most importantly, creates wealth for people.

Most people teach single tactics that eventually go out of style but these are timeless principles that will help you create a true marketing system to use over and over and over again. Good or Good?

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A: The Wealthy Marketer has a 30-day, super easy money back guarantee.

Take 30 days to listen to the program, experience it, go through the whole thing, and if you aren't completely blown away with what you learn, we will refund you every penny, no questions asked.

We truly want to take any risk away from you and make you feel as comfortable as possible. You can also chat with us if you have more questions by using our live chat function in the lower right corner of this page or send us a message at

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A: No ... and here's why: Our students achieve bigger results when the program is delivered in manageable chunks rather than a firehose of information.

The course is set up so that you receive access to one new module each week. This way you can consume and focus on one section at a time.

But don't worry – If you're moving through the material at a faster pace and want access to everything at once, simply contact our support team. We'll be happy to unlock the rest of the modules for you.

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