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In Secrets Of Inner Power, you'll:

  • Learn how to massively increase your inner strength and confidence.
  • Learn how to be much more focused and clear.
  • Learn specific strategies to overcome any obstacle in your way.
  • Stop needing other people's approval and start approving of yourself.
  • Stop being run by your fear based, monkey "mind" and learn to honor your true self.
  • Be less angry and frustrated with others and yourself.
  • Be less judgmental and critical to others and yourself.
  • Learn how to take unconditional action in spite of fear, doubt, worry, barriers, and obstacles.
  • Meet the best of yourself and see yourself, others, and the world in a brand new light.

"Secrets Of Inner Power completely shattered my personal walls and limitations. It gave me profound, yet simple ways of dealing with life in a way I never knew existed."

— Gail B.

"Secrets Of Inner Power was a turning point for me. For the first time I was able to accept myself fully and not give a sh*t about what anybody else thought. What an incredibly freeing experience!"

— Walter Scodellaro

"Thank you, Harv. I've learned a lot from this program and it's totally changed me into a new person. For the first time I'm confident I will succeed in my life and in my business. Thank you very much!"

— Jane Chong

"Secrets Of Inner Power provided me with the tools to improve the quality of my life. This is by far the best thing I've ever done for myself."

— Karen Bertrand

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