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On This T. Harv Eker Signature Class,
You'll Discover...

  • The #1 problem most people have when choosing a business or career that leaves them with no passion, no meaning and a lot of frustration
  • How to effortlessly stop living in your ego-centered self and start living in your higher, more conscious, and enlightened self
  • 3 critical guidelines you MUST follow if you want to turn your passion and purpose into profits
  • Why looking for the hottest new businesses and upcoming trend is most likely hurting you vs. helping you succeed
  • A simple strategy to find a business or career that you will not only succeed with financially, but will also make you truly happy and fulfilled
  • A major mistake people make when trying to find their passion and why passion may be the most misunderstood word in the English dictionary
  • Why a lot of people have followed their passion, but are still broke and how you can avoid making the same mistake
  • And much, MUCH more.



Using the principles he teaches, T. Harv Eker went from zero to millionaire in only 2 1/2 years! He combines a unique brand of 'street-smarts with heart'.

Eker's high-energy, 'cut-to-the-chase' style keeps his audience spellbound. T. Harv Eker's motto is "talk is cheap" and his unique ability is getting people to take "action" in the real world to produce real success.

Eker is the author of the best-selling books, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and SpeedWealth. He has also developed several highly-acclaimed courses such as The Millionaire Mind Intensive, Life Directions, Wizard Training and Train the Trainer. He is also the producer and trainer of the world-famous Enlightened Warrior Training.

Harv has already touched the lives of over 1.5 million people, helping them move closer to their goal of true financial freedom.


See what other participants of Harv's trainings are saying:


“Harv, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you've done to help better our world! You've changed so many people's lives...including my own! Personally, I wanted to share that I was able to reach my goal of saving $10,000 for investment purposes, mostly because some of the tools I've learned in your trainings. Thanks to you, I've definitely raised the bar for myself and what I can accomplish.”

- Moriah Diamond


“Day 30 - my net worth has doubled and a third of my tax bill is already paid. WOW, this stuff really works! And that's just the money side...I'm now exercising twice a week too. LOVE IT!”

- Mel Larsen


“I just listened to one of your classes and I LOVE how you say, "Finish what you start!" Since following Harv Eker International and taking your classes, this one statement I have taken to heart, and I've noticed how much better I am doing in my life. I am forever grateful for what I have learned from your teachings. Thank you!”

- Peter C Corso Jr.

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