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Welcome To T. Harv Eker's
Mastering Happiness, Mastering Life Program!

Which is actually 2 courses in 1. Why 2? Because, these are the 2 things people want most in their lives.

First, we all want to be happy. But in addition to that, most of us also want to have money, success, achievements, great relationships, good health and the lifestyle we desire.

And why not? Why not live the absolute best life possible and be incredibly happy while living in a beautiful home or enjoying fun vacations at 5-star hotels with the people you care about?

Why not dine at the best restaurants, drive a beautiful car, send your kids to the best schools and colleges, attract the right people into your life, write a best-selling book, create a super fit and healthy body for yourself...

Or have and do anything… all while being completely, 100% happy?!

This program is going to show you HOW to get exactly what you want in life, and do it with happiness and ease, instead of stress and struggle.

When you enroll in this life-changing program, you're going to discover...

  • What to do to maintain your inner peace and happiness when crap hits the fan, chaos erupts in your life, and when people around you are negative.
  • The simple and powerful 4-step technique to return to your true self when you leave it (which for most of us is pretty often).
  • Several strategies to calm your mind when you have doubt, worry, fear, stress or anxiety, including advanced ones, like using anchored mottos.
  • The amazingly simple, 5-step template for manifesting whatever you want in your life.
  • The 9-word rule that allows you to learn more about a person in 10 seconds than their family and friends might know after 20 or 30 years.
  • How to become lucky (and it will radically change your life!)
  • Harv's secret strategy to bringing the right people into your life whether it be for love, business or socially.
  • How to simply have LESS of the bad and MORE of the amazing in all aspects of your life.

And that's just the start...

Bottom line, by the time you finish this program you'll be able to turn your dreams into reality!

Today, you can get access to the Mastering Happiness, Mastering Life program for only $1786



That's $1,491 off
our regular tuition

Here's just a few of what past graduates have to say about what they learned in this program:

"Harv, you never claimed to be a guru but you are one to me. I've spent over 40 years meditating, chanting, visualizing, doing spiritual retreats, and taking every Law of Attraction course that has ever existed. All I can say is thank you. I got more real world knowledge in this program than the past 40 years all combined. I'm using it and OMG, it actually works."

- Kathy H.

"The most important thing I got from this course is that I no longer live in my fear-based, reactive mode. It's amazing for me to watch myself stay calm and centered when someone or something is pushing my buttons. I used to get triggered in a nanosecond. Now I use the techniques and literally nothing bothers me. I am a completely different person, living a completely different life. And best of all it's positively affecting everyone around me, especially my husband and my kids."

- Marie P.

"This course was the most powerful learning experience I ever had. I've attended the best of the best seminars all over the world and no other program comes close to this in terms of fulfilling its promise to the letter. I'm manifesting literally everything I choose and doing it with ease instead of stress. I'm now achieving incredible success and more importantly, I'm truly happy."

- Teri B.

"Taking this program was the most amazing, enlightening experience of my life. This course should be mandatory for every adult and every child on the planet. It would change the entire world. I know for sure it's changed mine."

- Ryan W.

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  1. T. Harv Eker's Mastering Happiness, Mastering Life ("the Program") is a one-time purchase program. The client's credit card given at the time of purchase will be charged either once or twice, depending on payment option chosen.
  2. The Program requires a valid email address and a stable Internet connection to be able to play video files.
  3. All program transactions must be in US Dollars (USD), regardless of place of purchase.
  4. Membership in the Program is not transferable.
  5. Program fees are subject to change with 30 day written or email notice, and we reserve the right to change, modify or cancel the Program as necessary.

Cancellations & Refunds:

  1. You may cancel this program at any time prior to midnight of the THIRTIETH (30th) DAY after the date of your purchase. After this thirtieth (30) day purchase contract cancellation period, no refunds shall be made.
  2. Cancellations/Refunds shall be effective only if approved and upon written notice provided directly to the Program's Client Care department located on the “Contact” page of the Program's website.
  3. No refunds shall be given for payments that have been made prior to notice of cancellation being given to the Client Care Department.
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  5. The Program is not responsible for any differences in the exchange rate from the date of the original purchase and the date of the refund.

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