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Hey, it's Harv, and thanks again for your order.

I also wanted to make sure you saw this timely message today...

As many of you have seen on the news or any of the social media channels, the world is changing.

There is a great divide.

Good vs. bad.

Right vs. wrong.

Rich vs. poor.

And it's no secret that...

Living paycheck-to-paycheck is the new status quo...

And I hate to break it to you, but it probably won't ever get any better.

The rich will continue to get richer, and those who are not rich could be in some serious trouble.

There are predictions that if we continue this way, we won't have a middle class anymore.

It will be extinct.

So here's a frightening question:

“If the middle class doesn't exist, what does that mean for you?”

Well, you're either rich or you're...poor. True or true?

And that's not something you or I want.

But here's some good news: this doesn't need to be your future.

You may think that you're not in the right opportunity, or the timing hasn't worked out, or maybe you're just not lucky, but guess what?

That's not the reason you're not rich yet.

The REAL reason all stems from one place and one place only.


That’s what we’ve been talking about today, right? Reprogramming your mindset for success, and starting a business that makes you a LOT of money.

Now my books and programs are a step in the right direction. They’ll get you there, I promise. But I wanted to do something more. I wanted to be available LIVE.


I'm Ready To Show A Select Group Of My Students The 'New Rules Of The Rich'...


It's called the Rich Life Club, and it's the ONLY place you can talk to me live AND see me live AND ask me anything you want. I've also included over 100 exclusive videos and reports, only available to RLC members.

And I want to share it the first module with you...

...absolutely FREE!


Hear me talk live and uncensored.

Apply the simple, practical, and effective teachings in your life. And watch your life change in ways you only dreamed of.

Then, each month for 5 months you'll get access to my live sessions and a brand new module, jam-packed with exclusive RLC content covering the critical components for creating and LIVING a rich life.

And if it’s not for you? Just let us know. We'll cancel your membership immediately, no questions asked, no problems, no strings attached.

Either way, the first Rich Life Club month is a gift...and this is your one and ONLY shot to get this for free and try it.

To your "Rich Life”,


T. Harv Eker




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