Million Dollar Business Secrets

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In Million Dollar Business Secrets, you'll receive:

  • T. Harv Eker's 4-module video training program (comprised of 20 videos ranging from 12-44 minutes) that teaches the strategies for becoming rich quickly with your own business. Each module is broken into multiple videos for convenient viewing. Access them via your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop – whatever is easiest for you.
  • Access to one LIVE 90-minute "Tough Love Mentoring" call where Harv offers his unique style of hard-hitting coaching to Million Dollar Business Secrets students.
  • Printable declaration card and screensaver. Wealth and success begin in the mind, so to help you adopt a wealthy mindset more quickly and easily, we've crafted a set of affirmations specifically to support what you learn in Million Dollar Business Secrets.
  • A professionally designed Million Dollar Business Secrets workbook in printable PDF format for jotting down all key points, biggest learnings and powerful writing exercises.
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