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Have you ever noticed that for most people how they want their life to be and how it is, are VERY far apart?

They don't have the money they want, they don't have the relationships they want, they aren't as healthy and fit as they would like to be, their business or career is certainly not booming, they don't feel overly fulfilled and worst of all they may not feel that good about themselves.

It's true that sometimes one or more of these individual areas of life goes well but for most people ALL of these important elements never seem to be great at the same time.

In short, "life" never gets to a level least not for very long. There's always a problem area. There's always one or more areas of life that could use some drastic improvement.

So why is this? Why do 90% of people not have the life they really want?

Simple. They don't have the knowledge, skills and a step-by-step system with which to create and build that life.

The fact is, most of people are just not good at the process of designing and creating their life.

They never learned how.

Did you?

Did you ever go to life design school?

Probably not.

That's why today we will share four simple, but life changing lessons, to help you create your ultimate life... starting today!

These four lessons will get you on the fast track to creating your "Level 10" life!

LESSON 1: Picturing Your Ideal Life

One of the biggest reasons people end up settling for less than what they want (and deserve) is that they're not specific enough when developing their vision.

Scientists know that our minds think in pictures. If you want your mind to believe that you can achieve your ideal life, you need to be crystal clear on what that life looks like, smells like, feels like, and even tastes like. The more detail you add to your vision, the better. For example, rather than saying that you want "a bigger home," be specific and say that you want an 8,000-square-foot oceanfront home in San Diego with 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and a 3-car garage.

Here's another way to look at it. Imagine that you're sitting in a diner. A waitress walks up and asks what she can get you. If you say, "I'd like some breakfast– just bring me what you think I'd like" ... are you going to get what you want? Maybe, maybe not, right? A far better way to guarantee you'll get what will make you happy is to order 2 eggs over-easy with 3 pieces of extra-crispy bacon and 2 slices of whole wheat toast with grape jelly. The universe wants to deliver what makes you happy. But if you're not specific, what you actually get may not be what you want.

Once you're clear on your vision, the next step is to get in touch with your why. Why do you want to achieve that goal? Not knowing your why is the second most common reason people don't get what they want.

Your why is your reason, your motivation, your emotion behind your what. And without that emotion, you won't have the energy to make changes that are needed to achieve your what.

LESSON 2: The Triad of Success

Most people aren't living their ideal life. There's a gap between where they are now – and where they'd really rather be.

Bridging the gap boils down to 3 key steps:

  1. Getting Technicolor-clear on exactly WHAT you want in ALL areas of your life.
    You have to get super-specific ... right down to the make, model and color of your dream car ... exactly what emotions you're experiencing when surrounded by your family ... the exact dollar amount you want to see in all of your investment accounts and so on.
  2. Discovering WHY you want the things you want.The why is what gives you the passion and energy needed to take action and turn your vision into a reality.
  3. Identifying HOW you're going to get what you want.

Unfortunately, Step #3 is where many people get stuck...and here's why. We live in a physical world. Which means ... you need to take physical action if you want to see physical results.

DOING is critical!

To complete Step #3, you must develop a plan or strategy for achieving your result. And then you must take action and actually DO the work.

For some of your goals, you can develop your own plan easily. You know what you need to do. You simply need to break down each strategy into manageable chunks and systematically get the work done, bit by bit.

For example, let's say that living your ultimate life includes redecorating your home to make it more cozy and comfortable. "Painting the master bedroom" might be one strategy that's needed. So you break the strategy down into steps – select paint chips at the store, pick a color, buy the paint, clean and prep the walls, etc. – so you have a checklist to work from.

But for other goals, you may not know how to create the result you want. One choice is to do research and educate yourself, then try to create results through trial and error. Another choice is to work with someone who already has created the results you want and have them guide you (or, in some cases, even do the work for you).

LESSON 3: Keeping Your Commitments

Unfortunately, many people sabotage their own success by refusing, procrastinating or simply forgetting to keep their commitments to themselves to do the work that's needed to create the results they want.

This is one of the worst things you can do to yourself! It's all about your integrity. Integrity means that you do what you said you'd do – simply because you said you'd do it.

If you don't keep your commitment to yourself, it erodes your confidence. You begin to doubt yourself and your ability to create what you want.

But on the flip side, what happens when you do keep your commitments? You boost your confidence. Not only do you learn that you can trust yourself and that you'll do or create what you say ... the effect of your repeated actions begin to accumulate. Every time you keep your commitment to take an action, that action moves you a little bit closer to your ideal life.

You might find that not keeping your commitments is a pattern for you. We usually have one or more issues that hinder our success in all areas of our life.

To uncover these self-sabotaging patterns and habits, think about the goals you haven't been able to achieve and then ask "Why not?" If you haven't achieved your financial goals ... why not? If you don't have the happy and thriving relationships you want ... why not? If you haven't gotten down to your ideal weight ... why not? If you don't have enough free time to spend enjoying your hobbies ... why not?

Uncovering your "why not" is essential for creating your ultimate life. Once you know what it is, you can take action to address it. For example, you could work with an accountability team to ensure you complete projects or devote time each day to addressing your needs. Or you could reschedule your workouts to a time that works better with your schedule.

When I ask people why they aren't living their ultimate life, a common why not that pops up is that when they're trying to create a result in one area ... the rest of their life suffers. When they're trying to build a business or earn more money, they spend too many hours at work and miss time with the family or their health suffers. Yet, when they try to achieve "work-life balance," business suffers. This is a common problem that we'll address now.

LESSON 4: Balanced Success

Earning more money and achieving professional success is rewarding. But for many people, it comes at a price. Their intense focus on a single area of life causes everything else – including their personal relationships, health, and sense of happiness – to suffer.

It's because we are holistic beings. Every area of our life affects every other area.

For example, when you decide that you really want to take your business to the next level, you might hire a business coach or attend a seminar to help you work toward your business goals. Your attention and effort naturally shift toward achieving those goals (because otherwise, you're wasting your money). But eventually, life gets out of balance, and everything else suffers. You stop going to the gym, start grabbing food to eat at your desk, and pretty soon, you're packing on the pounds. You spend extra time at the office, and your family starts to feel neglected. Because you have so much to do, you're sleeping less ... and getting more irritable and stressed as a result.

Or maybe you decide that it's finally time to get in shape. So you hire a personal trainer, commit an hour or two to exercising every day, and immerse yourself into learning more about healthy eating. But the time you're investing into improving your health comes from somewhere, and now you're not spending as much time at work or with your family.

To create the ultimate life, you need to pay attention to ALL areas of your life – not just one. It seems pretty straightforward, right? It seems like something you should have no problem doing on your own.

Unfortunately, creating a balanced and successful life is not something that comes easily to most people

It's not something we typically learn to do growing up. Heck, even if you're working with a coach, consultant or some sort of teacher to create greater success (however that looks to you), you're probably only working on one area, right?

Here's the thing ... even though you know that this is what it takes, the truth is that you probably aren't going to make it a long-term, consistent habit to focus on cultivating greater success in ALL areas of your life. Go ahead and think that you can do it on your own. After working with over a million students, I assure you ... chances are you're not going to be able to do it!

How do I know? Simple...

If you could have done it on your own, you already would have done it on your own. You would already be living your ideal life.

You can read all the books you want. Attend all the seminars you want. Watch all the webinars you want. Getting the knowledge and skills you need is only one part of the puzzle. Without action, without implementing what you know, you won't see results.

That's why I'm very confident in telling you that right now– even though I've told you all of the ingredients you need to build your ideal life – you probably aren't going to achieve it on your own.

You NEED one more thing (and trust me, everyone – even "very" successful and motivated people – need this)...

Go to the very next page and you'll discover how to design and create your dream life in just 3 days.