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Price Increases
By Double
11:59 PM PDT

Mailing Dates

Mark Your Calendars for April 24th - May 10th.

PLC #1 - Pre-launch emails for the "SpeedWealth" ebook
Mail any day between Monday April 24th- Wednesday April 26th

PLC #2 - Pre-launch emails for the Template "How to Generate Million Dollar Ideas"
Mail any day between Thursday April 27th - Saturday April 29th

Email #3 - "Zero to MultiMillionaire" webinar registration page
Mail any day between Wednesday April 26th - Monday May 1st

Zero To MultiMillionaire Webinar Airs on Tuesday, May 2nd

Email #4: Encore Webinar Registration (OPTIONAL)
Mail on Wednesday May 3rd or very early Thursday May 4th

Encore webinar airs on Thursday, May 4th

Replay webinar airs on Friday, May 5th

Email #5: Replay/Open Cart
Mail on Friday, May 5th - Tuesday, May 9th

Email #6: Close Cart
Mail on Wednesday, May 10th

Offer close out is Wednesday, May 10th at 11:59 pm PT

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Zero To MultiMillionaire (the webinar):

The Zero To MultiMillionaire webinar is a powerful content rich webinar that will give the student 6 different principles that make the difference between getting really rich or staying middle class and broke.

T. Harv Eker delivers VALUE for 65 minutes so your clients/students will love you for sending it.

T. Harv Eker's Million Dollar Business Secrets (the program):

"How To Create Wealth in Any Business You Choose in 3 Years or Less"

Included in this program are time proven strategies to build your business in any industry and create true wealth to live the life you've always dreamed of. More time. More money. More freedom.

Price Point: $497

When this program was sold at $249, over 6000 units were sold with an 89% retention rate! We've had many affiliates promote this program and CRUSH it. We've tested this launch multiple times with MASSIVE success.

This funnel has been a proven winner constantly earning high EPC's.

Average EPC for affiliates at the $249 price point: $2.13

What Students Are Saying About This Program:

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Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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We'd be happy to answer any of your questions. Just send an email to and Susan Holligan or Jesse Eker will respond as quickly as possible.

Our SUPERSTAR client care team email is:

We THANK YOU for your support and we cannot wait to provide your customers and students with MASSIVE value and hopefully change their life, for the better of course.

The Fine Print:

As an Affiliate you agree to the following:

The new FTC Guidelines for affiliate marketing came into effect on December 1st 2009. As an affiliate for ‘Harv Eker International or Million Dollar Business Secrets', you've read and fully agree to the terms listed on the Official FTC Website – to ensure that your promotions are compliant with the new guidelines.

ABSOLUTELY NO NEGATIVE MARKETING. No "This is a Scam" and turning around to promote the product with your affiliate link. This will not only get ALL commissions negated, you will not be allowed to promote any future products from our company.

Also, if not removed immediately, we reserve the right to take legal action. We have a right to protect our brand and we will do whatever we need to do to make sure of it. That kind of marketing doesn't help anyone and isn't fair to our company.

We have a minimum threshold of $100 in commissions for our monthly payout...

To be eligible for any lead prize, your conversion to sales must not be significantly below the average. This is at our sole discretion.

Payments are made on a 30-day delay. You will be paid on the 15th of every month. That payment will include 90% of your commissions from commissions earned between the 1st and 15th of the month. The other 10% will be held back due to refund policies greater than 30 days. On your next month's commission, you will be paid the remainder 10% plus 90% of your new commissions.

Ex. Your January 5th sale and commission is $100. On February 15th you will get $90 and then on March 15th you will get $10 assuming there was no refund.

As an affiliate, if you purchase the product under your own link, we will VOID YOUR COMMISSIONS.

Affiliates are not permitted to use any keyword based advertising (such as search engine PPC) targeting a keyword of any of Harv Eker International brands (For example, you may not target the keyword "T. Harv Eker" in your PPC campaign or target T. Harv Eker's facebook fan page).

During further review you may be asked for the following:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your phone number (in case we need to interview you)
  3. Method of promo (i.e.: email marketing, Facebook, Solo, Blog, etc)
  4. Proof of method(s) used to promo ( snapshot of email list, Facebook ad, solo ad receipt, blog display, website, etc)

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